‘US Empire’ Will ‘Attack Countries’ to Maintain Economy, Under Clinton or Trump

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
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The United States that has imperial ambitions will continue to favor military resolutions to the conflicts waging wars to maintain its economy and military posture regardless of who becomes the next president, a newly elected member of the Icelandic Parliament from the Pirate Party of Iceland.
The US presidential elections will be held on November 8 with main two contenders for the presidency – Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I think that America is an empire and it behaves like an empire. It matters very little who sits as a president. It would continue on the same course until something a lot more drastic happen. It seems that regardless of the leader the United States will continue to attack countries in order to maintain their economy and their way of life,” Sunna Aevarsdottir said.

She underlined that the US aggressive foreign policy during Barack Obama’s term would remain regardless who becomes the next president.
“I do think that Hillary would be any worse than Obama that invaded 8 countries since he took office. I do not see any fundamental change. I do not think that Trump would have offered any better solution either,” Aevarsdottir noted.
She added that though the Pirate Party did not talk a lot about the presidential elections in the United States, the people were worried about Trump’s behavior and his references to nuclear weapons.
According to Aevarsdottir, the Icelandic Pirate Party favored US Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who lost the party’s nomination to Hillary Clinton. “If there was any candidate that the Pirate Party supported, it would have been Sanders and he is out of the race now,” she said.
According to preliminary results of Saturday’s parliamentary election in Iceland, the Pirate Party came third with 14.5 percent of the votes.

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