US Suspending Talks With Russia on Syria ‘Not Surprising’

Posted: October 4, 2016 in Uncategorized
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The United States cutting off bilateral dialogue with Russia regarding the implementation of a ceasefire in Syria is not an unexpected development given the nature of alleged violations, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb told Sputnik.
On Monday, US Department of State deputy spokesperson John Kirby announced in a press release that Washington cut off bilateral channels with Russia on sustaining a ceasefire agreement in Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry later said the United States is ready to “make a deal with the devil” by aligning with terrorist groups to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria led by President Bashar Assad.

“I’m not surprised,” Korb said on Monday when asked about the US decision to cut bilateral engagement with Russia vis-a-vis Syria.
Korb claimed that after Syrian and Russian forces hindered the transit of humanitarian aid into Aleppo, the United States was left with no other choice but to suspend cooperation.
Despite the breakdown of the ceasefire, Korb continued, President Barack Obama is unlikely to arm the Syrian opposition to counter the government’s offensives in light of past failures, including training Syrians to fight the Islamic State that turned around to fight against President Bashar Assad’s forces.
“Obama does not seem inclined to want to get involved in a civil war [in Syria],” Korb observed. “When we trained the Syrians to fight ISIS, when they got to the battlefield they all went [against] Assad, so we stopped the program.”
Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter wanted to increase US military involvement in Syria to a greater extent than Obama did, Korb suggested.
The Russian Foreign Ministry added in a statement that the White House would be responsible for possible new terrorist attacks in Syria because of suspending cooperation with Russia.
On September 9, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Kerry announced a new peace plan to address the conflict. The ceasefire deal was later shattered by numerous violations, which resulted in intensified fighting between the Syrian government and militants in Aleppo.

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