The “Ultimate Staredown” Caption Contest

Posted: September 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
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One day after Barack Obama was eager to overhear the only conversation that mattered in the G-20 room…

… there was just one thing left to do for the two arch-nemeses of the increasingly multipolar world: a staredown.

However, nobody blinked.

As is well-known, Russia has been firmly backing Bashar Al-Assad for years, providing military assistance and war planes, to avoid another pro-western puppet from taking over the strategically critical country. America, meanwhile, is on the side of what it has called “moderate” anti-Assad rebels (which include various al Qaeda splinter organizations despite their recent “amicable split”), as well as Kurdish forces (which in turn are being bombed by US-ally Turkey) behind the pretext of the war against ISIS, an entity created and supported, willingly or not, by Saudi Arabia and the US.

As Bloomberg first reported, U.S., Russia Again Fail to Reach Cease-Fire Deal on Syria, when John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov met for about an hour on the sidelines of G-20 leaders summit in Hangzhou, China in hopes of reaching agreement after failing to do so on Sunday; after they achieved nothing, the Kremlin added that Putin and Obama discussed Syria and Ukraine for an hour with their
delegations present; delegates left and two leaders talked one-on-one
for about 20 minutes.

They too failed.

Still, as the following two pictures reveal, there is yet hope for the future…

… although if not so much for a deal between Putin and Obama…

… then perhaps the lame duck president’s successor.


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