Texas County Republican Chair Who Called Trump a Child Rapist Loses Job

Posted: August 26, 2016 in Uncategorized
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The Republican Party in one of the biggest counties in Texas has retired their chairman, after he made a slew of comments about Donald Trump, and violated a state code by declaring himself as a write-in presidential candidate.
Robert Morrow, who became the chairman of the Travis County Republican Party in a surprise election earlier this year, was removed from his post on Thursday, Texas GOP officials confirmed to the Texas Tribune.
It appears as though he forced his own resignation, by declaring his intention to run for president, and receiving a spot on the Texas ballot as a write-in candidate in November. Texas law clearly states that party chairs may not run for federal, state or county office, or even apply to be a candidate.
Morrow, speaking to several media outlets on Thursday asserted that the party will not be able to remove him from his job.
“They don’t have the grounds to do that, and anybody who says so is probably lying,” Morrow told the Tribune. “The case law on this is probably extremely thin.”
Shortly after, GOP Chairman Tom Mechler released a statement declaring that Morrow, “became ineligible to hold the office of Travis County Republican Chair,” when he submitted the required signatures to place his name on the ballot.
Morrow has been a controversial figure throughout the election season, pushing conspiracy theories about both Democratic and Republican elected officials. He has posted to social media, calling Hillary Clinton an “angry bull dyke,” and accused Donald Trump of being a child rapist, a claim based on a lawsuit funded by a former Jerry Springer Show producer who has previously attempted to insert himself into the popular eye in national cases involving Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson, and even Kurt Cobain.
Earlier this week, Morrow appeared at a Trump event in Austin wearing a jester hat and holding a sign that read, “Trump is a Child Rapist.”
Responding to his ousting, Morrow claimed to the Tribune that it was because he “embarrassed the living f**k out of Donald Trump.”

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