New documents released by hackers who compromised George Soros’ Open Society Foundations raise serious questions about the Hungarian billionaire’s role in Ukraine.

A leaked document, from the massive 2,500 file dump by DC Leaks of George Soros’ most sensitive Open Society Foundations communications, show the inordinate amount of power and authority the Hungarian billionaire wielded over Ukraine in the immediate aftermath of the Maidan government overthrow.

Soros, along with key executives from the Open Society Foundations, held extensive meetings with nearly every actor involved in the Maidan coup including Ukraine’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Health and Education as well as US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt and the regional director of USAID. However, the documents do exclude one key official, Victoria Nuland, who was allegedly involved in steering the opposition to the Yanukovych government.

The records focus on plans to minimize and counter Russian influence and cultural ties to Ukraine with a focus towards steering Kiev towards social and economic reforms that Soros favored. The Hungarian billionaire has not been bashful about his acts or intent to influence politics in Ukraine establishing the NGO, International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) to spearhead the formation of the “New Ukraine.”

Most troubling in the document leak appears to be a file titled “Breakfast with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt” to discuss Ukraine’s future. In the meeting, which took place on March 31, 2014, just months after the Maidan coup and weeks prior to civil strife following Ukrainian forces assault on Donbass, US Ambassador Pyatt outlines a PR war against Putin, a position George Soros viewed favorably in the meeting.

“The short term issue that needs to be addressed will be the problem in getting the message out from the government through professional PR tools, especially given Putin’s own professional smear campaigns,” said the US Ambassador.

George Soros responded, “Agreement on the strategic communications issue – providing professional PR assistance to the Ukrainian government would be very useful.”

Pyatt seemed open to the idea of guiding Ukraine towards a decentralization of power just short of Lavrov’s recommendation for a federalized Ukraine, but George Soros pushed back stating that a federalization model would result in Russia gaining influence over eastern regions of the country which the Hungarian billionaire disapproved of.

The Ambassador noted that Secretary of State John Kerry “would be interested to hear George Soros’ views on the situation directly, upon return from his trip” raising the question why one wealthy foreign individual, neither from Ukraine nor Russia, had such access to influence American policy.

Ambassador Pyatt’s position towards decentralization also appeared to shake as the correspondence continued saying that the “Russian propaganda machine is telling Karkhiv and Donbass residents that the government in Western Ukraine is looking to take away their resources and rights through the decentralization process, feeding into Lavrov’s line that the Ukrainian government is dysfunctional and not successful as a unitary state, making it a necessity to have federalization.

Then, in a full capitulation, the American diplomat point blank asks George Soros, “what should the US government be doing and what is the US government currently doing.”

To which, George Soros responded, “Obama has been too soft on Putin, and there is a need to impose potent smart sanctions.” He then called on the US government to “impose sanctions on Russia for 90 days or until the Russian government recognizes the results of the presidential elections.”

In a separate meeting, titled “Civil Society Roundtable Meeting,” George Soros directly calls for the formation of a Ukrainian “fifth column” – a group whose sole purpose is to undermine a larger group – in order to push Ukraine away from Russia.

“We would rather have people there as fifth column – pivotal thing for future of Ukrainian society – continue to work with Crimean people” said the document regarding the disputed territory only highlighting that there was potentially improper interference by Soros in Ukraine’s civil society.

  1. Jack Glore says:

    Its troubling but not all that surprising how much access George Soros had to senior White House officials up to and including POTUS. His fingerprints have been all over American Foreign Policy, and its good we have incontrovertible proof of this now thanks to organizations like Wikileaks and DCLeaks.

    • I completely concur. Simplistically put, most, if not all politicians are career criminal lobbyist only interested in their next donation or financial bribe. You can no longer exist in the political realm simultaneously adherent to integrity or an intolerance for injustice to humanity. WikiLeaks is a necessity for the people (American and Globally abroad) to wake up, realize the politicians are careless of any of their needs or concerns and also comprehend the President and his cooperate-driven Foreign Policy is conducive only to cooperate interest, not the people and genuinely fathom the atrocities committed globally vie (the so-called “brave” men and women, “military wise”) in the name of the American people.

    • By the Way. Thank you. I appreciate your time taken to read the information provided on my blog.

      • Jack Glore says:

        I’m happy to see this information proliferate through the internet, because our media certainly won’t cover it appropriately. Our Government is bought, the more people saying it the better.

      • Absolutely. The U.S. media is very biased and nefarious in the thought shaping of the American public. Its goal is and has been to transform the populations thinking and behavior to subtly accept a tyrannical government. Those steps are being implemented: 1. Demoralization 2. Destabilization 3. Crisis 4. Normalization

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