Tennessee Cop Accidentally Fires Live Round at Middle School Safety Drill

Posted: August 15, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Tennessee police officer accidentally fired a live round from his weapon during a middle school safety drill, according to a local police chief.

The incident happened at Rockwood Middle School. Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright said no children were present as it was an in-service day for teachers. Wright acknowledged that the shooting should not have happened, but stressed that no one was in danger.

The weapon was fired during a drill in which police were demonstrating to teachers and administrators what a gunshot would sound like within the school. The drill required teachers to be locked in a classroom with the police chief while another officer in the hallway fired a weapon containing blanks.

Leah Watkins, Roane County Schools Superintendent, specified that no live ammunition was to be used during the demonstration.

In another recent police active-shooter education-outreach tragedy, a 73-year-old school librarian was killed in Florida when an officer involved in the teaching seminar neglected to remove live rounds from his handgun.


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