Total Breakdown of The Media’s Use of NLP & Mind Control

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Total Breakdown of The Media’s Use of NLP & Mind Control

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In the 1920, H.G Wells was one of the founders of the Fabian Society, which was branch to run the left-wing on behalf of the Royal Institute for International Affairs. Yes, science-fiction author who was a front man for the British government. He belonged to the Secret Service. He was a propagandist for World War I. The ideas originated from the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations in London – Aldous Huxley was one of scientists – , which still creates mind control today – primarily creating cultural trends and predictive programming. From H.G Wells(actually the Tavistock Institute) idea, Britain had a big movement to convince the public there were too many people and they said they wanted an ideal family of two parents and 1.2 child per family. The British complied with that and Margaret Thatcher when she was in power in the 1980s opened the door to India and she said the reason I have to bring them all in from India is there’s not enough people having offspring in Britain to pay-off the national debt. So what I’m saying is when you follow their instructions you won’t win anyway.

Mind control is ancient:

The Magi used a mind control technique called Antipodes, which involved rendering the victim helpless by giving them conflicting information on the same subject(s) – the origin of Pro-pagan-da, which always promotes “preserving your culture and way of life”.

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Education 101

Our schools are the product of the funding of Rockefeller, the Astor and the Vanderbilt families – the “robber baron class” -, coupled with Prussian ideology from Prussian priests/philosophers, or in other words, Freemasons.

It was John Dewey that created the Education System for Scientific indoctrination. It was Dewey and later many others such as Lester B Pearson (see Pearson’s Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, given in December, 1957) – helped draft up the UN Communist Manifesto – who came up with the idea, that if we’re attacked from outer space, it would be a perfect way for the whole world to come together as one people and basically form a new kind of system and a new way of living. Of which National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger also spoke about in relation to the publics compliance with UN soldiers. See Michael Renne, The Day the Earth Stood Still, which was updated for political correctness – to brainwash the youth. People do nothing because the television conditions them to believe it is “human nature” rather than what it really is, social conditioning.

It was John D Rockefeller. Sr & Andrew Carnegie created the public school system: teacher pensions, and retirements, the General Education Board – whom Frederick Taylor Gates was in-charge. The system was designed to destroy the your volition, literally – see Frustration and aggression by John Dollard (1939) from Institute of Human Relations, Yale University – but who cares, as long as hookworm is eradicated. See America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones (2004) by Anthony C. Sutton chapter, How the order controls education – derived from actual Skull and Bones pamphlets.

The Yale Troika laid the ground for the PHD system. All these university and schooling administrators who are trained in a compartmentalised mind control system and not a ‘comprehensive education’ of anything. They are trained to act out protocols aimed towards destroying volition in pupils.

Wilhelm Wundt. Prussian psychotherapist. Creator of the PHD system. A man who believes ‘children have no soul’. See Wilhelm Wundt (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). G. Stanley Hall who brought the PHD system back to America. The first American PHD candidate being Edward Everett. See The Leipzig Connection: Basics in Education by Paolo Lionni (1993).

All this should be obvious, but the candidates are jaded. They do not notice they are compartmentalised – exactly like the Prussian PHD system; or that a PHD is given out provided that you support a existing PHD thesis.

What is Academic Tenure? A guarantee of employment that is only given out, conditional, after you have sufficiently rewarded the system that created tenor. Who created tenor? The Rockefellers and the robber baron families.

Outcome Education System originated from the Prussian Education System.

It was Johann Fichte (1806) in a book Addresses to The German Nation; translated by R. Jones, G.H. Turnbull (University of Chicago Press, (1922). The Prussian army had been defeated by Napoleons amateur army at the Battle of Jena 1806; the reason being that this ‘demon imagination’ was loose among ordinary Prussian soldiers, who were over riding their orders.

Another book documents similar history, Tractatus Theologico-Politicus by Baruch Spinoza (1670). Spinoza said that the ‘ordinary population was so ‘psychologically diseased’ there was no way to heal it’. He described 90% of the population as ‘fatally retarded’ and irrational. Charles Darwin in Descent of Man spoke in a similar fashion.

Fichte said there was no way to heal the ‘disobedience gene’. Fichte (pronounced Fich-ta) said we have to set up ‘a system of (universal) forced schooling in which we ‘destroy the imagination’ – bells, constant testing, ranking etc.

In John Calvin (1536) Institutes of the Christian Religion, Calvin says that the ‘saved are ‘saved before they are born’ and ‘damned’, who are 19-1, are ‘damned before they are born’ and no amount of good work of behaviour can saved the damned, and no amount of evil behaviour can damn the saved. The expression being used during this time, also by others was ‘justified sinners’. Meaning “the elect”, as he called them, are ‘justified sinners’ who can do anything. He declared that “the elect” would set up a system of universal ‘compulsion-based schooling’ (repetitive schooling) with the intention of destroying the imagination by filling the head with garbage.

Plato in The Republic, 2300 years ago, also used the term “controlled schooling” and even the “fashion industry”. Nothing new, same group of Priests.

Bertrand Russell in Impacts of Science on Society, chapter titled Scientific Technique in Oligarchy p50-51. Then read the description of the book, we is described as one of the greatest philosophers(priest) of our modern age with an optimistic view and prevention of war. Philosopher? Strategist, think-tank – argh that’s better – of the ruling Elite like his colleagues Zbigniew Brzezinski, Charles Galton Darwin, Aldous Huxley, and HG.Wells. Plato as well, a philosopher.

Plato (2300 years ago) → John Calvin (1500s)→ Baruch Spinoza (1600s)→ Johann Fichte (1800) → Bertrand Russell


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