Syrian Army Regains Control of Strategic Pipeline From Daesh (Exclusive)

Posted: July 25, 2016 in Uncategorized
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The Syrian Army has taken control of strategic points along the line of an oil pipeline in al-Badia.

The Syrian Army troops and units of the National Defense have jointly continued to move eastward into the desert area of al-Salamiyah, taking control of strategic points along the oil pipeline, which was under the control of Daesh terrorists.In recent days, in the east of the city, fierce fighting between Syrian government forces and Daesh was ongoing.

The battle raged for the opening of the front to the east of al-Salamiyah, after government forces drove the Daesh militants from Palmyra and al-Sukhnah.

Syrian army
© Sputnik/ Khaled Al-Khateb
Syrian army

The government forces headed to the villages of Uqayribat, where Daesh forces were present at large.

A local source told Sputnik Arabic, that the Syrian Army and its allies were able to defeat Daesh militants around al-Salamiyah, which caused the terrorists to leave the villages of Tal At-Tut, al-Mufakker, Aqarib and al-Ayna.

The source also confirmed that Daesh sent suicide bombers from the eastern part of the district, near al-Badia, but the Syrian Army prevented these terrorist attempts, managing to neutralize four cars in front of the road leading to the strategic points of the pipeline through the villages of al-Mufakker and Akareb, where militants tried to regain strength and reorganized themselves after losing the battle for Palmyra.

Syrian army
© Sputnik/ Khaled Al-Khateb
Syrian army

It is believed that the triangle, including the western part of al-Raqqah province and the eastern part of al- Salamiyah, along with having access to the administrative border of al-Tabqah, is the  sector with the most dangerous fighting right now.

Syrian army
© Sputnik/ Khaled Al-Khateb
Syrian army

That is due to unfolding fighting between Syrian troops and Daesh for liberation of strategic points along the oil pipeline to make their way into the city of Tabqah, where there is still a large force of militants.


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