‘A Washington-Authored Maneuver’: Inside the US Attack on Brazil

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Despite the Brazilian Senate clearing President Dilma Rousseff of charges, impeachment proceedings will continue. Radio Sputnik’s Brian Becker asked Kim Ives from the Haïti Liberté newsweekly about the nature and perspective of what some consider a legislated coup d’etat.

Now that Brazilian President Rousseff has been cleared of corruption charges, the Senate is accusing her of abuse of power, including “doing certain credits without congressional approval,” according to Ives. Rousseff’s defense insists that these charges cannot be applied, since the fiscal year is not over.

“In any case, the principal reason why she was impeached has been removed by this finding.”

Rousseff can now legally return to office, Ives notes, but the move must be approved through a Senate vote, and the Senate is likely to vote against her.

“It is clear, and it is getting more and more clear, even to the people in Brazil, that this is a purely politically motivated process.”

“There’s nothing in it that has any validity, in terms of corruption. In fact, the real corrupt element of the power structure is the very people who are accusing Dilma of corruption.”

The political climate in Brazil remains unclear and unstable. Interim President Michel Temer has a 70% disapproval rating, and Rousseff now enjoys more support than before she was impeached. Ives notes, however, that there are not many seeking to “put Dilma back.” Labeling the public reaction to the impeachment proceedings “anemic,” Ives, at the same time, argues that the Senate report could spark more action from Rousseff supporters. It would be an uphill battle, however, as pressure on Brazil is rising, due primarily to the upcoming Rio Olympics.

Ives believes there is a very high probability that Brazil, under Temer’s leadership, will attempt to pull out of the BRICS alliance, a bloc considered an alternative to US global financial and economic domination. Ives suggests that a potential exit from BRICS is likely the final aim of the Rousseff impeachment proceedings.

“Even if we don’t have all the data and proof in hands,” Ives said, “you certainly get the feeling that the US is working feverishly behind the scenes to make this coup go forward.”

It is no coincidence that the impeachment is coinciding with the upcoming Olympic Games, said Ives. He notes that during the 2014 Sochi Olympics, “they worked overtime to try to sabotage it and make people boycott it.”

Asked who he is referring to by his use of the word “they,” Ives said, “Washington. Washington and its allies, but to me this is principally a Washington-authored maneuver.”

Ives claims that a sabotage of the Rio Olympics is coming in several ways, including the infamous Zika virus.

“The focus on this virus, which really affects a very minimal number of people, is put into headlines and screened, and [this] created a lot of panic and fraught around it.”

“Every time there’s an Olympic athlete saying “no, I’m not going to Brazil,” that’s front-paged, that’s on top of the news. To me this is all a part of a multipronged effort to really knock down the largest economy in South America.”


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