Brexit Supporters Take Wide Lead 13 Days Before Referendum, Poll Says

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
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According to a recent poll by ORB international, the Brexit “Leave” movement has gained powerful support, just two weeks before the referendum.

According to a survey of some 2,000 people, 55 percent favor the UK leaving the European Union, a 10-point lead over the 45 percent who favor remaining. Compared with April results, this is a 4-point gain for the Leave movement.

These numbers depend on the likelihood of people to vote, which differs between camps. While 78 percent of those supporting the Leave vote are strongly determined to vote for the referendum on June 23, only 66 percent of those supporting the Remain vote intend to cast their ballot.

If this factor is omitted, the Leave supporters still remain on top, with a raw 53 percent lead over the 47 percent who wish to remain.

While a sweeping 62 percent of Tories are expected to vote for Brexit, support for the Leave vote among Labour endorsers has also grown, with 44 percent of those who were originally perceived to be for remaining within the political and economic union now favoring separating from the EU.

Some 80 percent of those polled understand that Brexit could cause major economic problems. However, while the remaining 19-20 percent claim Brexit won’t affect the country’s economy, both groups appear prepared to take the risk.

Poll experts suggest that it’s too early to predict the results of the referendum, as it is not unusual for one side to make a last-minute swing, as happened with the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.


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