US Escalating War In Syria And Iraq

Posted: April 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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By Stephen Lendman

Peace and stability defeat America’s imperial agenda. Endless wars serve it.

Obama doesn’t want conflict resolution in Syria, Iraq and other US war theaters. Its wars of aggression are excluded from discussion by presidential aspirants.

No one in Washington dares explain all US wars are illegal, waged against nonbelligerent countries threatening no others, solely to advance America’s imperium.

Media scoundrels won’t touch the topic, an off-limits third-rail one. Nor is anything explained about a modern-day great game – an East – West struggle for geopolitical influence and resource control, mainly oil, waged by US-dominated NATO.

Bush administration 2002 and 2006 National Security Strategy policies (NSS) asserted America’s sovereign right to wage preventive (aka preemptive) wars against perceived (aka invented) threats.

Obama follows the same agenda, rebranded to appear softer, continuing Bush wars, waging his own, planning new ones, scramble for global dominance, wanting all challengers eliminated, namely Russia and China.

Humanity’s fate is up for grabs. All bets are off if Clinton or another neocon succeeds Obama next year.

World peace already hangs in the balance. John Pilger warns that “A world war has begun.” How many people know it, he asked?

It’s a war of words, “lies and distraction,” easily turned hot by design or mistake. America’s rage for creating a world of US vassal states could ignite life on earth ending nuclear war.

Obama intends escalating conflicts in Syria and Iraq, deploying more combat forces to both countries, along with heavy weapons – while continuing to call for peace in our time.

For the first time since the 1991 Gulf War, long-range B-52 Stratofortress warplanes are involved, carrying powerful payloads used for saturation carpet-bombing.

America’s air war in Iraq and Syria supports ISIS and other terrorist groups, targeting infrastructure and government sites.

Peace talks in Syria collapsed because Washington and its rogue allies reject diplomatic conflict resolution. They want regime change, Syria’s sovereignty destroyed, puppet governance replacing it.

War won’t end until US supported terrorist are defeated. Endless conflict will continue for some time to come.

So-called peace talks and cessation of hostilities changed nothing – both more illusion than reality.


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