Are Banks In Trouble?

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Uncategorized
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A HEADS-UP TO EVERYONE. Banks are now silently and have been “prepping” for a possible Cyber-Attack/Bank Holiday Scenario.  A Wells Fargo employee leaked the information and other bank employees have mentioned it almost nonchalantly. They’re not labeling it a “BANK HOLIDAY” but a Wells Fargo employee expressed, he had been employed with the bank for 3 years and had never undergone an emergency practice run of a possible Cyber-attack and or, any issue compromising the banking system.

The financial emergency drills or inclusive of possibly, the banks closing for an allotted time frame (BANK HOLIDAY), nevertheless, open half days with lines inevitably extending for blocks and depositors “Privileged” to withdraw 40 to 55 dollars daily  for survival (Greece and Cyprus). Mind you, 3 customers would be permitted in the bank at a time and if you make it to the front of line before they close, you’re only allowed miniscule withdraws. Furthermore, the ATM’s will be “Malfunctioning” due to the Bank Emergency.

When companies prepare for “POSSIBLE” treats, Cyber or otherwise, it certain is not a practice in vain. The Banks are aware what is/has been implicated and are conscious of what’s imminent(Bail-Ins). Heed seriously this information for it may be the difference of you possessing enough cash, food and community to survive a monopoly dissolve.


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