Russia Maneuvering To Control 73% Of Global Oil Supply

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Russia has played a imperative move in the current oil crisis by taking the lead in forming a new cartel(ROPEC), Russia and OPEC  nations. The first step was the meeting with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela (Whom Obama has just renewed sanctions on Venezuela declaring the country “A Threat” to the U.S) on February 2016. During a meeting in mid-March, which is with a group of participants, if Russia manages to build a consensus-however small-it will further strengthen its leadership position.

Saudi Arabia,  long-time U.S ally, but that, too, is changing. Charles W. freeman Jr., a former U.S ambassador to Riyadh, recently noted that, ” We’ve seen a long deterioration in the U.S-Saudi relationship, and started well before the Obama Administration. Iraq is also looking at Russia along with many other countries.

Therefore, if they can get this consensus, Russia will emerge as the de facto leader of the major oil producing nation of the world, accounting for 73% of the oil supply.

What Does This Mean? Once Russia captures the oil market and they’ll be able to control it ultimately, by-passing the dollar. The petro-dollar won’t be needed anymore. If Middle-Eastern countries were selling their oil using the petro-dollar, when they stop doing this and many already have, these dollars will come back to the U.S because countries will no longer need to keep dollars in their reserves. Thus, hyperinflation because when more dollars return to the U.S, there is more in circulation which devalues the dollar. And the petro-dollar is what is propping this system up.

It is no longer, if it ever was, a conspiracy of the wealth and power shifting from the west to east.


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