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REAL JOURNALISM IS TO BE FEAR! And why, so?  Real journalist ask the questions necessary(The ones no one wants to ask or in most cases, aren’t allowed to). Cover the stories that matter to discover the truth. Possess a insatiable craving for the truth no matter how unpleasant the journey maybe. Enthusiastic of presenting the facts to the public and also enlightening themselves in the process. Will never allow being turned away multiple times discourage their passion for total transparency. And bring the truth to the people so they can actually have a choice in current situations and not just accepting whatever narrative the western media(Multi Ethic Destruction In America)  controlled by the Government Central Bankers/Wall Street who’s only concern is the corporations instead of the people.

Journalist Luke Rodkowski was escorted out of the GOP DEBATE in HOUSTON, TX. CNN has banned the journalist(and others) from the GOP because Luke will asked the questions and raise the concerns of the issues the public should demand answers for. This is disappointing but it also displays the power in truth that the government does not want you, the people to know.


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