Partition: U.S Plan B For Syria Before Plan A Can Succeed

Posted: February 28, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Today the CEASEFIRE agreement Russia and the U.S formulated(Primarily Russia) has commenced. And before the agreement finalized, the U.S has already expressed a “plan B”, which reassures of the U.S’s hope for a failed effort. Washington prematurely spewed its plan to partition Syria. Think about this? The U.S separating and dividing a Sovereign country into pieces in order to render ISIS territory to reestablish their objective/goal and, that is the overthrow of Bashar Al-Assad. Washington’s major issue is its foreign policy permitting it power to meddle in multilateral governments that should be of no concern of theirs.

The U.S has not altered its initial goal and that is, “Assad Must Go”. Any attempts to stabilize the Middle East is completely off the table so this defect of an agreement is Washington trying to appear sincere of its intentions for peace. We shall see.

Brief Fact: The U.S needs to invade Syria and remove, replace the existing government in order to position a central bank in the country, place the dollar on the natural resources in Syria to continue propping this insolvent fiat currency and to get a pipeline installed in Syria that will create a strain on the Russian economy and ultimate agenda, Iran.


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