Posted: February 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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How important is the 4th amendment? Simplistically, its the right of privacy and people jeopardize it, almost willingly relinquish it in the name of feeling “ACCEPTED” by their peers and/or anyone displaying a increment of interest. ARE WE THAT INSIPIDLY NARCISSISTIC? YES! The NSA, FBI, CIA is, has been spying on everything the American people do. And for many protected by encryption (IPHONES), they are growing desperate to create a system to bypass and retrieve data from this matrix. Especially, those who’s lives are based on social media outlets. So, the “SELFIES” taken of every aspect of your existents to validate your worth/pseudo well being is under attack and consequently, we give the alphabet agencies authority to invade our privacy daily. Contemplate this? The idea of social media connecting us has detached us from humanity and reality. It’s provided a virtual imagery of lustful innuendo’s directly resulting in a paucity of genuine human encounters. Imagine EVERY SINGLE THING you say, do and feel put on display for the world to render crucial judgment in your(IMPERFECT) human form?

Opposed from those who find fulfillment in public privacy parades, this is far more disturbing. Every insignificant self-indulging vacuous narcissistic display of how LOVED and FANTASTIC we are is a means of “PEDDLING FICTION”, while the government central bankers strip our writs away from us.


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