Clam Before The Storm: Ceasefire Agreement

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Uncategorized
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A Ceasefire agreement in Syria between Russia and the United States begins Feb 27. Russia has been attempting to commence communication with the U.S for some time with consistent rejection from the Obama administration. As one should find an immediate “SIGH” of relief consequently, followers of the ongoing orchestrated Syrian crisis are aware is most likely the “clam before the storm”. Remember, the U.S objective is an has always been, A REGIME CHANGE IN SYRIA. Because we decide governance in other nations/countries? Brief pinpoints: The United States has invested $100 million per person trained, tax payers money (5 moderate rebels(Which the U.S finds trouble with ever naming) (ISIS). Proxy U.S subversives to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad which are failing dreadfully since Russia’s intervention. The U.S opted to install a pipeline but the Syrian President rejected the proposal and he(Assad) suddenly supposedly started using chemical weapons against his own people (sound familiar? Gaddafi). The U.S also invested almost 5 years trying to remove Assad with no success other then constant modifications of “strategy”.

In my opinion, this “ceasefire agreement” is just a nefarious ruse grant of extended time for the U.S to regroup and subterfuge Russia into a situation where they are blamed for a “particular”, failure to comply with the agreement. Hence, a reason to go all out, full fledge WAR with Russians. Hopefully, Russia can defuse the situation AGAIN and maybe the U.N will take notice to the true aggressor and act according. I just “peddled fiction” assuming the U.S purchased United Nations could ever regard who the real terrorist are, the UNITED STATES.

  1. ramund says:

    We’ll overthrow him yet. Assad might as well be dead already. Even the Russians know that.

    • The reality of the situation is complicated and for Russia, this is not likely to occur being that geopolitically Syria is significant and will not be allowed to fall and Russia is willing to go to war over it. The truth is, is all the power is realigning from the West to The east and the U.S is struggling in accepting its fate. Like Rome and every other empire before and after has FALLING and the U.S is well on its way.

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