Posted: February 25, 2016 in Uncategorized
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A HEADS UP. The banks are silently and have been prepping for a possible Cyber-Attack Bank Holiday scenario. An Employee of Wells Fargo has spoken of an emergency practice drill at work and other banks have been carrying out the same proto call as well. Although, management is not labeling the PR’s(Practice Runs) bank holiday’s, nothing could be furtherd from the truth. The employee has stated, he has been with the bank 3 years and has never had a financial emergency drill performance procedure before. This is suspicious being that the FED has the BAIL IN law implement in bank contracts. If you have been following the economic collapse indicators then, you are aware of why this is a green light signal to anyone with a sufficient amount of money in the bank.  You should be wary.

The practice runs involve, the banks closing(BANK HOLIDAY) until further notice. The procedure trains employees to ready themselves for half work days, allowing 3 customers in the facility simultaneously, only permitting withdraws of 40 to 55 dollars daily and lets not forget, lines extending far beyond what one could imagine (Greece/Cyprus). And to add to the already mounted frustration, angry desperate people and the ATM’s will be offline courtesy of the financial meltdown. One could only summarize in the event companies, especially banks, began training for possible Cyber-Attacks/financial meltdowns in the midst of geopolitical, trade, currency and economic war far. Banks are just cover their basis, preparing. No, the banks would never take depositors money to save the “cartel”. That would be utter criminality and have you ever known TBP(Top Bank Personal) to literally, rob the people blind?


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