Fed/Government Central Bankers Spending: Brief Analysis

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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This is a discretionary spending chart of the U.S Fed spending budget. Notice how almost more then 1/2 the pie graph primary monetarily depleted spending is on the military ? Why do you think this so? Be it as it may, the U.S government central bankers directly instigate war, regime change in legitimate elected governments in other nations/countries and provide either proxy force or direct U.S force to overthrow any government who refuses to go along with their hegemony for global perpetuated dominant slavery. Agriculture is the least of the neocons concerns. Think about this: investing or teaching people to be self sufficient and learn to produce/profit from their productivity is hardly of any significance. Complacency to endless demand with no real notion of production other then “a song” that spews depreciative ignorance , is a spoiled society on a direct path to self-annihilation. Cogitate this graph and learn how our taxes are “utilized”.


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