This is a very unfortunate verdict but expected. “GRAND JURY DECLINES TO INDICT OFFICER IN FERGUSON SHOOTING”. The grand jury declined Darren Wilson to be charged in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown and it has emotionally outraged African American communities, country-wide. It deserves attention but other areas need more attention for the survival of the African American race. The killing of a human being is erroneous and unlawful no matter what the nationality is but many Africa Americans are mentally programmed to be more comfortable with  “blacks killing blacks”. Complacency. Our culture truly lives up to the “crabs in a barrow” mentality. African Americans kill each other everyday and no one protest, riots or marches for peace and justice in the aftermath of the tragedy . But we have the audacity to become politically driven after a white cop gun down a black teenager in cold blood. The irony is, our culture gun down each other and innocent people everyday but no one dare march behind these killings of their own race because the Africa American cultures lives would be consumed in the perpetuated protesting against black on black crime. The statistics are staggering; 93% of black murder victims or killed by other blacks. Imagine that; We’d never have a peaceful moment due to constant protesting. Racial matters are not the issue, we are our own problem and we are our only solution. The constitution was not written with black people in mind so it really should not be of shock when there is injustice permeating through of our nation. We can not turn this flawed system around until we turn around and look at ourselves, the source and acknowledge why we seem to be standing still. Education is the POWER and it can change existing matters but a great deal of black people wont even pick up a book as if it’s kryptonite to our body’s functional capacity. So what is our cause to protest and have an outcry of injustice? When tomorrow,yesterday and momentarily an African American is killing another African American. When you point a finger at someone, three more are pointing back at you. Yesterday was our time to wake up.


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