Chronicals Of A Love Triangle Finale

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A couple days elapsed and Keith’s company was still present. Of course, Linda and I were furious with the blatant insensitivity and disregard displayed from Keith extending his company’s stay after our concerns were expressed but nevertheless, we were not prone to violence so we remained patient with the hopes that he had already informed his company we all needed to regulate a personal situation and he would have to go home in order for us to adjust the issue.

By this point, Linda and I had set out to prepare our first home cooked meal. Traditionally, our family has always preferred home cooking. Of course, New Orleans conventional style cuisine but we were in Houston where those particular ingredients required, weren’t available and my fathers side of the family had always been prone to more international healthy cuisine.

My father is a chef and all I had to do was contact him and he would coach me on substitution ingredients for our dishes. We formulated a menu, (yes, we concoct menus) determined who would prepare what, went to Roberts’ grocery store and purchased our items. I asked Keith, would he like to participate with us but he declined. I was hoping he would have accompanied us to the grocery store because it probably would have permitted us an opportunity to talk. Once we had everything we needed from the store, we made it home and started cooking. Linda’s list included; potato salad, fresh sweet peas and jello shots and my list consisted of; orange candy yams, pepper grain whole wheat rice, bbq ribs, ( Linda had never eaten any ribs before) and peach cobbler.

Keith eventually joined us in the kitchen, set down and we all joked around while Linda and I cooked. Linda asked Keith, why did he abandon his company confine in the room and that he could come and socialize with us, it was not an issue. He asked his company to join us, come sit in the kitchen and talk with everyone and, he did.

Linda – Hello! How are you? I’m Linda, Albert’s cousin. What’s your name?

Hi, my name is Lamar and I’m doing fine. How about you?

Linda – I’m fine. Just trying to figure out my next move.

Lamar – I met Albert in New Orleans a couple weeks ago. We all went to the mall together. I wanted to come out of the room and speak to you, Albert but Keith would not allow me to leave the room, acting silly and I told him, that was being rude…….

Linda murmured; Yea, his ass is being rude, alright.

Surprisingly, we had a wonderful conversation but Linda and I discovered that Lamar was oblivious of the current situation and was under the impression that I, (Albert) was Keith’s cousin and in no way, were we romantically involved. I was overly aggravated and frustrated. Linda was equally annoyed. Instead of the truth turbulently spilling out, we both were bombarded with an eerie silence. As if, telepathically, we communicated with each other, “say nothing, lets exploit this situation and learn as much as we can”. We then opened the floor, observed and listed to what Lamar disclosed about their relationship.

Lamar – Keith and I met through mutual friends at a house gathering and I thought he was cute and he said, he thought I was cute. We started hanging out almost every night. He only came over at night for maybe an hour because he had to babysit his nephew once he got off work and his days off from work, he had to babysit for most of the day and that’s why we could not really see each other when he was off. And of course, Linda responds with her inevitable witty retorts…..

Linda – Hmmm, Keith, I didn’t even know you would babysit any kids being that you love “the Night life” (club) so much. Hmmm, Who would’ve thought…

The look on Keith’s face was priceless!… Like Wholly coyote hanging in mid-air thinking, “I’m fuck”! At this point, the food was nearing its completion and you could literally cut the steamed tension evaporating from Keith’s cranium with a Knife.  Naturally, he altered the topic and we started talking about music. In no way was he going to allow Lamar to further regurgitate anymore information. We all ate and went to our rooms, myself returning to slumber in my cousins domain and Linda and I talked about what recently occurred. This only increased the pain and irritation within me and reignited the anger within Linda.

The next morning we decided to get a bottle of Marlot, have a drink and set on the balcony. Keith and Lamar went to our apartment complex pool area and once I had a couple glasses of wine in my system, it intensified my torn emotions. When Keith and Lamar were in route returning to the apartment, I asked Keith to see me outside for a second, we need to discuss something.

When he came outside, I asked him so, are you going to give me a solid and honest answer now since Lamar has pretty much disclosed you two’s relationship? Who is he to you? Again, the reluctance he displayed to answer the question forwardly……..Why is it so difficult for you to tell me the truth and it’s apparent? Just be man enough to say the shit to my face! And finally, he answers the question. YES! HE IS MY BOYFRIEND!! OK!!…… Well, what am I? What the hell are we? He had no answer to this question of what we were. My heart was already shattered but this acknowledgment just vaporized the remaining pieces. For a moment, I could not breathe. My organs felt as if they were failing my respiratory system temporarily shut down.

I tried to remain composed but this was a fight, I was losing. I just got up and walked away, teary eyed, trying to masquerade to the bathroom without bursting spontaneously enveloped in a river of tears. The next day Lamar went home and although, I should have been a bit happier because at least, we could finally talk, I really didn’t have anything to say. He confirmed my biggest fears. He did not want me.

My intensions were to remain in the room with my cousin but I no longer could intrude. Linda was dating a young man and they needed their privacy to continue growing as a couple and Linda pointed out to me that she did not mind me being with them in the room because nothing private was taking place. I needed to be in my own room for a change. When

I was present in my own room, Keith suddenly wants to talk and express how sorry he was. kissing me, hugging me and holding me in an attempt to appease me. And as comforting as it was, it still hurt like hell.

Of course, the sleep overs from Lamar were frequent and eventually, we decided to break the lease and part ways. Linda returned to New Orleans. Keith claimed he was returning to New Orleans because his job asked him to come back to work and they would render a room to him. He claimed he was going alone.

I returned to Dallas where my family was, got a place and tried to forget the situation ever happened. We didn’t talk for a couple months and I was beginning to feel like myself again and out of nowhere, Keith calls me and wants to talk. We talked briefly and there was no indignation projecting from any of us and I was happy to hear from him.

We started talking regularly and I was under the impression, he was there alone until, he and Lamar started fighting physically and we were disconnected in the midst of their brawl.

Keith calls back and frantically began apologizing to me for what he had done to me in Houston but I really did not want to hear it. I felt, do not call me because you are not happy with Lamar. Make it work because that’s what you chose.

My friend (whom I worked at sister hotel property with) transferred and worked at the same hotel Keith was employed because we all worked for the same hotel franchise pre Katrina. Olivia was AFOM (Assistant Front Office Manger) and she informed me that she frequently had to send security to their room to break up fights between them. And she could not fathom he did this to me in Houston being, Keith and I would go over to Olivia’s house eat and have wine on her balcony.

Olivia – I, really thought he was crazy about you. Wow!! That bastard. Well, I tell you one thing, he paying for it rite now.

I was offered a job in New Orleans as an accountant for the Hampton Inn Hotel so, I returned and started working. When I told Keith I was coming back to New Orleans, he seemed to be happy and gesturing towards hopefully, getting some home cook food. When I made it in town I stayed with Linda and the family until I had clearance to get a room at the hotel. Well, Keith was not welcomed by my aunts house. Linda didn’t want him there but she would never disclose the reason to my aunt of why but that, he wasn’t welcomed.

I had to respect her wishes. After all, she was there in Houston witnessing me in emotional distress. I finally got an apartment of my own and Keith and I, would hang out regularly and he even would come and spend a few nights over. I had accepted what had happen and I knew it could only happen again if I allowed it to.

Two weeks had went by and we didn’t really communicate over that course of time too much but one day he called me after 1am, asking could he just pass over and I told him, sure. I’m up.

Keith comes in.

Sets on the sofa and ask me, what have I been up to?

Just working and getting things together in this apartment. What about you?

Keith – Oh, Man……just working.

He suddenly starts crying!!

And I asked him, what’s wrong?

He starts sobbing inconsolably.

He hands me a Brown envelope.

Initially, I am perplexed.

I don’t completely understand why he is handing me an envelope.

I open it and start scanning it and I realize it’s lab work results.

What’s this?

Keith – That’s Lamar’s and my lab work.

Okay, I’m lost!…

Lamar’s HIV positive man, and He either gave it to me or I gave it to him!!

  1. Aaron Brumfield says:

    Wow very good story very aww moment ending


  3. M says:

    Good luck on your writing, Anthony! I wish you the best!!!

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