Chronicals Of A Love Triangle V.2

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After my cousin, Keith and I had our meeting, we disbursed and Keith returned to his company. Linda and I continued talking and drinking our tea. The both of us were a little incomprehensibly jaded from the conversation because we were still ambiguous about the outcome. There was no indication of his intentions. He left us both stretching our heads. Merely, from the possibility that maybe we both misinterpreted the entire meeting. Despite the infraction to my feelings and my cousins empathy, love and respect for me consequently, Linda’s objective to make me feel better in the midst of my painful ordeal failed. We went on to try and not focus on the situation too much but for me this was virtually, impossible. Seeing them in our room and doing things together, even the simple hearing of them laughing and joking with each other was torcher to witness.

The Origins – In New Orleans, prior to the event that displaced us and altered our lives, I was being very supportive to Keith because according to him, he was in the process of ending a relationship with his current lover, Travis. Now, We had been discussing our imminent union for quite sometime during his troubling partnership because Travis decided to transform himself into a woman. A Transsexual. Keith strongly objected to his decision of a complete sex change. He felt it was deceitful because he felt, he met a young man, he fell in love with a young man and he could not accept this dramatic transformation. We would talk about his situation regularly and I was very empathic of his feelings. After all, Keith and I grew up together so we had history, a dysfunctional one but nevertheless, something binding us to each other. We both worked for the same Hotel company just a few blocks from each other so, we would talk or get together almost, everyday. And this was at a time when we were just really good friends but everyone assumed we were an item or about to be an item. Although, it was a continuous conversation between us, regarding our status. I respected his current relationship whether or not it was ending because I’ve always possessed principles. I would not appreciate if it was done to me, was my perspective. We were literally, inseparable. Everywhere you saw Keith, you saw Albert or vice verse. I recall meeting this young man in New Orleans that Keith invited to our Houston apartment. According to Keith, this was his “gay nephew”. I don’t follow the gay family phenomenon because vicariously, my experience of it was tainted. They proclaim to be “family” but they secretly seem to hate or are jealous of one another, are all either sleeping around with each other or their supposed “family members” lover and constantly trying to vie with each other.  My analysis of it was, if this is how they treat each other, I want nothing to do with it.

At this particular time, Keith frequently spent the night over at my house and he was complaining about how difficult it was for him to get to work at 5am in the morning. Being that his car had broke down and it would cost more money to get it repaired then it would be to just purchase another vehicle. I encourage him to just get another car but he insisted, he couldn’t afford it. I had a substantial amount of money in the bank and since we grew up together and were in the process of becoming a couple, I suggested he just borrow the money from me as long he concurs with the written arrangement and signs a notarized promissory letter. He read terms and agreed. We signed our names and went to the notary and sealed the deal. He searched around, found a car he wanted, got the price and I withdrew the money from my account and placed it in his hands. I went with him to take care of most of his business because I could read the documents and explain it to him simplistically. Keith’s comprehension skills weren’t great but it was much better then when we were teenagers because I discovered he could not read well so I spent a great deal of time teaching him basic phonics. I am aware that maybe, the lengths I took to solidify a relationship between us could be perceived as foolish but Keith was a friend that was developing into a relationship and that made it plausible to me that his intentions were noble.

Immediately following the purchasing of his car,(Two days later) Hurricane Katrina happened and we were out of touch for a few days. Keith had evacuated to Dallas the day before the storm and my family and I, were stranded in New Orleans for at least 3 days after the storm. 3 days of scarcely eating, not bathing, not sleeping and not even knowing if we would see tomorrow. My concern was focused primarily on my family. My Mother, Step Father, sisters, brother, niece, nephew and brother-in-law. They were the only consistent people in my life and I refused to watch them parish. We traveled from my cousins housing project, where we assembled to ride the storm out. From swimming to higher ground, commuting back and forth from the Super Dome to the Convention Center in tremendous fear due to intense public panic from the sheer chaos encompassing us, to police officers encouraging people to get a vehicle (best way we knew how) because that would be the only way we could leave the city. Thankfully, we were able to procure transportation and we piled up in this SUV and we existed New Orleans expeditiously.

To Be Continued….

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    Nooooo you can’t keep doing I’m hungry for more !!!!!!

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