Chronicals Of A Love Triangle V.1………

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As we lay on our new air mattress in a new town, in the comfort of our new apartment together I, under the impression we are about to commence a new life together consequently, shortly after in the tranquility of our lounging, the door bell rings…..Who is at the door after the midnight hour?!!… I was completely displacing hints. Keith and I hardly interacted with each other from the moment we arrived in Houston and it was extremely bewildering, the lack of communication between us two. As the door bell continues to ring, I look at him and he has the look of excitement but fear on his face yet, simultaneously, he is pretending to be confused. Someone’s ringing our doorbell after midnight! 

Being that we are new in the city of Houston, Keith is probably wondering what exactly is pulsating through my mind. I asked, Are you expecting someone?… Incandescently, his eyes glare at me exuding a residual reluctance to answer that question. Yes. I then asked, who is coming here so late and who do you know in this city to invite over abruptly without consulting me? What I felt, was an intrusion of us having our first night here together disrupted by company? And instead of an explanation to justify the subterfuge, he just remained still like a deer caught in headlights.

As he gets up to answer the door, I follow him because I am eager to see who he has invited over to the house. When Keith opens the door, the young man, not only coming over for a visit, has clothing with him in a bag and I am instantly aware, apparently, the young man is spending a few nights as well. Now, I have my dramatic moments, as do we all but somehow my reaction was very demure and emotionless. My heart was racing, stifled in the moment of delirium, broken into a thousand pieces. After all, Keith is my first love and I only knew love vicariously through others and mature music which I considered to be the soundtrack of my life at that point.

I wasn’t aware of how to react. I asked Keith to met me in the spare room of which my cousin was going to be arriving in a few hours to claim. I did not want to make a scene.  He, then met me in the cold empty room and I proceeded to ask him what’s going on? Why is this particular person at our apartment so late at night with bags to sleep over and you did not even have the decency to inform me of anything?

His reaction was less of a reaction. He, actually didn’t react at all. He appeared dumbfounded as if he owed me no explanation.

I become slightly anal retentive with the question. I thought this was a new start for us, so you and I could work on being together and making this work!! So what the hell is going on?…. Still, no answer. So what the hell am I supposed to do, sleep in my cousins room while you two share our room together?

No, you can sleep in the room with us on the other air mattress. Hell no, what kind of shit do you think this is? Just get the fuck out my face right now because the ideas currently circulating in my mind, you need to remove yourself from my presence at this point! He was seemingly reluctant to remove himself after such a vague threat but leaves the room to return to his company.

I, on the other hand was feeling lost and alone. Of course, I could call and talk with my cousin or my friends but I recently relocated from Dallas, leaving my family to be with Keith and the only thing I could do was suffer quietly in pain whole heartedly while lying in the closet, immersed in darkness.

Keith would frequently come to the room and enter the closet protesting how sorry he was. Hugging, kissing and holding me for as long as it wouldn’t appear suspicious. Leaving his company in the opposite room and Ironically enough, for me because this was all a new feeling and I suffered from multiple emotions. I felt enamored, jealous of the young man in [our] bed with my love, also emotionally drained, broken and betrayed. And with every visit, Keith would ask, Are you ok? You’re not going to do anything irrational, rite? No…. Keith!! Please, just leave me alone.
Albert, I am so sorry.
As if, sorry was going to make the hurt disappear. I managed to get some sleep, surprisingly.

I was awaken from my cousins phone call.
Linda made it in town and to her surprise, she walked into the crying game. Linda assured me when she was outside. Linda asked me to help her gather and bring her belongings inside. I didn’t disclose the situation immediately but she began asking where Keith was and I told her once she got settled in, I have some unpleasant news to convey to her about him.
Linda and I brought everything viable she required inside and I put on a pot of tea, we inflated her air mattress in the room and we then set up on the carpet floor and I explained the sequence of events.
Well, cousin I slept in your room because Keith is in our room, on our bed with another guy. 
Linda pauses as if I am being facetious….Excuse me!

Yes. He is in our room with another guy.
Albert, you gotta be kidding me.
No, Linda, I wish I was.
What did you do?!!! Did you guys argue or fight?!!
No. I just came and slept in the closet in your room.
Oh, hell no. I’m going to go and wake his ass up and we are going to get this situation straight.

Linda goes and knocks gently on the door of the other room where Keith and his company are asleep. Knock, knock, knock…..

Keith? Yeah, What’s up?

Linda – Hi, Keith. (In a pleasant and warm greeting tone). I just made it in town. Come yo’ butt out here and communicate with me and lets set down, talk and catch up.

Linda then returns to the room and sets down and 5 minutes elapsed while we waited patiently for Keith to make his entrance. Keith enters, comes over and gives my cousin a hug and kiss and sets down on the floor. You could see his thought bubble because he was certain this conversation was going to occur.

Linda starts off by asking him, how was he? And when did he actually leave New Orleans for the storm?
Keith – I’m ok. Just a little shocked because I never imagined this happening to any of us.
Linda – Yes, neither did I but the bible teaches us that no one is exempt from tragedies and we should always be prepared. Thus, the reason whenever the news broadcasters encourage us to evacuate, I leave. But other then that, Albert told me what happened last night and I’m confused because I thought you two were an “item”? And again, Keith just remained silent. She went on to ask him. Now, Keith do you think this is fair or rite to do to someone?…. Again, no response. As if his moral judgment was clouded for guilty reason….

Linda – Can you fathom how painful this is and it could be enough to cloud Albert’s judgment and rational thinking? This is enough to provoke someone to do something heinous or out of the ordinary. And to bring it where you two live, making it apparent of your nonchalance to how the hell he feels after you, literally begged him to take a chance with you, move to Houston with you, get an apartment with you and try and work on the two of you being together. That’s enough for someone to seriously hurt you, Keith.

Finally, he has something to say….. I thought about that all night and I know he is hurt but I don’t know what to do to appease him.

Linda – Ahhhhh, how about ask your friend to leave and you two try and figure out what your next move will be. Whether you want to end it with Albert and move on with the other guy because this isn’t fair to anyone especially, post you two losing everything in the storm. It’s not fair to Albert and even you, if he is not who you really want to be with, you need to cut all ties and stop stringing him along.

To Be Continued…..

  1. A B says:

    Very touching As i so patiently anticipate part2

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